About Us

The purpose of the Sisterhood of Culture and Language Learners is to provide opportunities for members to be educated about life in another culture,  to improve communication skills in English, to develop empathy for girls living in different circumstances and ultimately, to form new cross-cultural friendships that will last beyond the formal sisterhood program.

What does being in the Sisterhood involve?

Sister pairs are made of up two "sisters" - one from Afghanistan and one from Australia.  Over the course of the 3-month program they nurture their new friendships through online activities. These activities include:

Three month mentorship

Every sister is mentored by either Christine or a mentor sister to ensure regular communication occurs with their assigned sister. The mentor sisters ensure the sister pairs remain comfortable with each other and grow in their friendship over the three month period. 

Program Orientation

All sisters will receive orientation to program requirements prior to joining the sisterhood. They will also receive cultural sensitivity training and resources to learn more about the country where their sister lives. 

Regular Emails

Sisters will exchange fortnightly emails with each other on guided topics such as home, school and community life, family and friends, dreams, hopes and goals for the future. These emails provide the content the sisters will use to start their conversations on video.   

Video Chats

Sisters will meet monthly for video chat to dig deeper into the topics they discussed in their emails. This is easily the favourite part of the program for most of the sisters as they get to practice communicating in English and getting to see their sister and hear her voice.  

Essay Writing (Afghan sisters)

The Afghan sisters have an additional chance to write essays in English. They will receive feed back on their writing through a 30-minute video tutoring session with one of the English speaking mentor sisters. 

Sisterhood-wide social video calls

The entire sisterhood will meet online at the beginning, midway and end of the program for fun social activities or to hear from an inspirational change-maker living in Afghanistan and fighting to improve the lives of girls.

In-person photo shoot (Aussie sisters)

The Australian sisters receive a portrait photoshoot to commemorate their participation in the Sisterhood and can share the images with her Afghan sister.